Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen


Remembering the Future- Mezzo, Horn, Piano Trio - Digital Download

Jeff Nelsen and his wife, Nina, commissioned Remembering the Future for the 2010 Horn Symposium in Brisbane, Australia. This 5-song cycle for horn, mezzo-soprano, and piano is based on the poems and artwork of Brian Andreas. Written with a combination of classical and musical theatre styles, it is a versatile piece that can work well for any type of voice.


Jeff was Ryan O’Connell’s horn professor at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music from 2007 to 2011. Ryan surprised Jeff and Nina with his composition, and the story goes that Jeff had to stop playing his horn during the middle movement.The lyrics were and Ryan’s treatment of the lyrics was so powerful, added to Nina being 6 months pregnant with their first child at the time, made Jeff was too choked up to continue.


You will hear for yourself.


Brian Andreas lives in Santa Barbara, the very city Nina Nelsen was born and raised. Jeff taught in Santa Barbara every summer at the Music Academy of the West, and he would purchase a few of Brian’s “StoryPeople” prints on each visit. One year the sales person mentioned that Brian Andreas lived in Santa Barbara and asked if Jeff wanted to try and get an autograph. Jeff said yes, and instantly found himself on the phone with Brian, and at his house moments later. Brain Andreas has beautiful insight through a genius childlike mind. He paints stories with stunning playfulness and unexpected endings.

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