Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Mozart Horn Concerto #3 +1

What the heck is a +1 chart!?

Play the orchestra part yourself!

"Plus Ones" have been created to solve two common problems.

1) We can't all have an orchestra in our practice rooms or lessons.

2) You, or if you are the teacher, your student could have a deeper knowledge of the score.

This piece is the music Mozart lovingly wrote for the orchestra to accompany his Horn Concerto No. 3 K 447, adapted for 1 horn. Now you can play the orchestra part!  If you want, you can record yourself playing this +1 and then play along with yourself! If you’re a teacher, you can accompany your students, clearly and convincingly guide them musically as well as technically while you play together.

Ryan O'Connell's adaptation of Mozart's orchestra part embodies the sounds and spirit of the entire orchestra. 

Gone are the days where we wonder what is happening in the orchestra at this or that moment. We have a Mozart Horn Concerto No. 3 K. 447 +1 chart for that now!

Ryan O’Connell's website is www.ryanomusic.com

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