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Magic Mouthpiece Pouch

Leather mouthpiece pouch beautifully hand made by Mr. Baek Seung-kwon, South Korean hornist with the Daejeon Philharmonic.

This pouch snugly wraps leather protection around one of your most crucial pieces of equipment. It keeps your mouthpiece warm, and the magnet clasp provides fidgeters endless hours of fulfillment while waiting for the bus to arrive. Open pouch... close pouch... open pouch...

Always have your mouthpiece within arms-reach so at a moments notice you can work on your playing in places where you can't play your horn.

Rumor has it... this pouch's warmth provides Dale Clevenger the magical qualities he spoke of when he said, "Warm up? I never cool down."

Buy one and see for yourself.

Material: Leather

Dimensions: 2" W x 3.5" Length (when folded to fit a mouthpiece 5 1/4" when open fully)

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