Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen


Lessons and Consultations

Get trained as a technician, a musician, and a performer.

Live Lessons and Online Lessons are mildly different, but the high quality and quantity of the training is of equal value.  

Online lessons are very effective, and are no less useful than live lessons. There are details that may be lost over the internet, like SOME overtones in harmonic series, perfect timing synchronization across the web, etc. However, the loss of these few factors actually facilitates MORE detail on the things that do come across internet, like musical phrasing, colors, tempi, rhythm, breathing, and many more.  

You also cover practice techniques, goal setting, work planning, life choices, etc…

With Jeff you can discuss:

  • Fearless Performance approaches
  • Brass-playing simplification techniques and how to work on them
  • Your next career steps and how to plan to achieve your goals

Masterclasses are also provided online. Jeff can speak to your horn studio, brass studio, school band, or entire music festival. He is available for master classes on music’s technical areas as well as the often neglected Fearless Performance aspects of music making.


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