Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Jeff Nelsen Personal Model Mouthpiece

Where the magic begins.

Inside Diameter: ………17,25 mm ( 0.679 inches)
Outside Diameter: …….24,46 mm ( 0.963 inches)
Throat:  4,496 mm  ( 0.177 inches) #16
Shank made to fit the present day popular horns…..(Holton, Conn, Yamaha)
European sized shanks also available…(Schmid, Hoyer, Otto) 



At this time, we have Silver Plated US and European Shanks available, as well as Gold Plated US and European Shanks.  

If you would like a Silver Plated with Gold Rim mouthpiece, it is available via special order.  Please contact jeff@jeffnelsen.com for more information on a Gold Rim mouthpiece.

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