Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen


Fearless Practice - Diligence

Let us inspire you.

Introducing "Fearless Practice" with Saral Burdette and Jeff Nelsen.

Ever wonder how other people practice so well?  Ever ask someone, "Hey, how did you learn so much in so little time?"

Here are some great ideas on how to learn a ton in no time at all!  Saral and I have joined fearless-forces to create inspirational audio tracks for you.  These 3-minute tracks will simplify and energize your focus during your work sessions.  Try this first freebie here, and we promise you'll be blown away with what you learn, and also what you end up getting done.

Download the first one in the series for free!  In "Diligence" you'll hear some stories about how you can look into how much you care about what you're doing, and what can happen when you do.

Check back often for new tracks!


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