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I love to teach!

For twenty years I've had the honor to teach and inspire students around the world. In my role as Professor of Horn at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, I teach horn, coach chamber music, and mentor people using “Fearless Performance” approaches and techniques.

Teaching Bio

Teaching Fearless Performance

Jeff’s teaching style is unique, having won his first professional audition in his third year of university. He is a master performer, and his effectiveness as a teacher reflects his deep obsession and understanding of how to succeed in our performance-based society. Through his extensive teaching and performing experiences, Jeff shares wonderful inspiration and instruction in his online blog, “Fearless Conversations”. It's free to join. Sign up today.

Prior to joining the faculty at Indiana University, Jeff was on faculty at the Universities of Toronto, British Columbia, Victoria, and McGill University in Montreal. Mr. Nelsen has taught master classes in hundreds of cities and at summer music festivals including Music Academy of the West (USA), Melbourne International Festival of Brass (Australia), Hamamatsu Academy (Japan), Orford (Canada), Belgium Brass Festival (Belgium), BeBrassy Festival (Holland) as well as lecture appearances at the International and British Horn Societies’ annual events.


Mr. Nelsen enjoys mentoring young performers and has been a juror at the Fischoff Chamber Music competition, the Canadian National Music Competition, and the Yamaha Young Performing Artist Competition. He has written articles focused on “Fearlessness” published in the magazines for the International Horn Society, British Horn Society, and Drum Corps Int’l.

Jeff shares his passion and insight for fearless performance through his “Fearless Performance for Musicians” seminars and lectures world-wide. You can see his TEDx Talk on Fearless Performance here.

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You can discuss Fearless Performance approaches that would work best for you, his uniquely vocal brass-playing techniques, or what your best next steps might be to define and reach important goals in your career and life. Have a click around the site, take in your options, and then contact him to discuss your plan together! …but do it now! Dive in!

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Masterclasses Online

Masterclasses are also offered online. Jeff is available to speak to your horn studio, brass studio, school band, or entire music festival. Jeff is always ready to connect with others and inspire his students. He is available for master classes on music’s technical areas as well as the often neglected Fearless Performance aspects of music making. 

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Fearless Performance Worksheets

Fearlesss Performance Worksheets

Download any or all of the pdf worksheets listed below to help you get started with your fearless performance journey. They're free!

  • Words for Feelings
  • Inspirational Sheet Sayings
  • On Deck Rituals
  • Imflowvising
  • Words for Sounds
  • Success-Based Practicing
  • What's Your Story?