Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Preparing for Fearless Camp / Schedule


Preparing for Fearless Camp


Please bring whatever you'd like to work on to better yourself.
We have daily auditions.  I suggest 4-5 excerpts and the exposition of a solo concerto.

Talent Show

We are training to become excellent performers.  The SN Talent Show is an opportunity for you to perform (5 minutes or less) something important to you that is non-primary instrument related.

Acts in the past have included:

-       Comedy sketches
-       Singing a madrigal or Broadway song
-       Secondary instruments such as Harp or Violin
-       Magic 
-       Dancing/DJ-ing
-       Fearless cooking and cake baking segments
-       Fire Juggling (Videoed safely outdoors…relatively safely!)
-       Hand-Farting Ride of the Valkuries (to a microphone, dressed in a tuxedo…it was impressive!)

Some very important guidelines:

This is an opportunity to aim for greatness in a performance of something we have not studied as much as our horn. 
-       Keep your performance classy
-       If there is any question as to the appropriateness of a performance, then it is probably inappropriate for this talent show!
-       Ask yourself if your grandparents would enjoy your performance.
-       Be creative, and again…classy!  It would be nice to make this a public event!