Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

About Jeff Nelsen

Jeff Nelsen

Musician. Teacher. Writer. Entrepreneur. Life Coach.

Having grown up on a Canadian pig-farm, Jeff Nelsen's multiple non-porcine professions show him to be living proof that if you want it enough, you can have any dream. Jeff is living his dreams out loud and fearlessly! Jeff's approach to life and life coaching is the same. When he teaches, he mentors. Every choice we make helps create what we ultimately share when we approach a job interview, audition, exam, product launch, or social gathering. It doesn't matter whether those choices are made while building or sharing our performance, choices matter...and we only ever choose fear or love. This website helps Jeff publish and provide his creative replacements to fear-based choices for you.

The Joy of Performance

"You are engaged in performance when what you are doing matters."
Why trust Jeff? - Jeff has performed on his horn with the best North American Orchestras and the world's most famous brass ensemble, Canadian Brass. He won multiple professional orchestral auditions on both high and low horn. He teaches at the internationally renowned Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. He is founder of Fearless Performance LLC, a company that helps people and corporations perform their best when it matters most. He has co-designed both a horn and mouthpiece, commissioned dozens of unique arrangements of music, recorded dozens of CDs, is a magician member of "The Magic Castle", has given a TEDx Talk on Fearless Performance, and he coaches others on their TEDx Talk presentations as well. "To make your performance a Fearless Performance, make what you are doing the only thing that matters."