Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

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Types of Events

The following outlines the program structure and financial arrangements for holding a workshop or seminar. Please note that workshops and seminars can be designed to meet your specific needs. Jeff would be delighted to share the Fearless Performance experience with your musical community.

We offer two basic types of activities:

   The Fearless Performance Workshop (1 or 2-Day Event)

   The Fearless Performance Seminar (4-Day Event)


Here's some of the why and how...

PURPOSE of Fearless Performance

Fearless Performance teaches people from all walks of life how to master their mental game of performance. Fearless Performance events provide participants with a step-by-step process for re-imagining their approach to both preparation and performance in music and daily life. Most importantly, they have a workshop experience deepens their technique, their musicianship and their connection abilities on-stage. Their approach to off-stage life explodes as well. They learn that what comes out their instrument is a manifestation of who they are as a person.

Participants arrive looking for performance techniques and will certainly find plenty of them, but more importantly they experience significant opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth. The goals of Fearless Performance are:

  1. To help participants understand the mental skills required to consistently prepare and thus perform at their absolute best.
  2. To give them the tools that have them performing fearlessly in all aspects of their lives.  

Our focus on techniques, tools, and having them EXPERIENCE mastering their mental game is what distinguishes Fearless Performance from most other performance-based programs.

Fearless Performance dives into why we perform, rather than only looking at how and what we perform. In our workshops and seminars, participants look at who they are and build authentic excellence in that. Afterwards, when they perform, they know their goal is to share this authentic excellence with their audience.

The Beginnings of Fearless Performance

I know what it's like to fear performance.  I got really tired walking onstage optimistic, performing wildly, and then walking offstage disappointed.  The same was true for my work and social exchanges.  I knew I could be sharing a better version of myself, and getting more of what I wanted...I just wasn't.

Something had to change.  I obsessed about where I was making destructive choices, and discovered that I was choosing fear.  More importantly, I found that I could choose better!  I trained myself to choose better reasons why I was performing...and I can train you too.

I've had amazing experiences as a performer and teacher, but these successes did not happen without many challenges along the way. It hasn't always been easy to perform in front of audiences of all sizes. I've been nervous, frightened, and felt totally unprepared before stepping onto the stage...and still feel this way today.  But I've figured out how to both prepare and perform my best regardless of my feelings.

You and those you work with may be struggling with these same challenges in both work life and personal life. Maybe at times feeling totally overwhelmed and defeated by these greatness-potential-sucking forces? You know you and they can do this, they just keep falling off their path to their best!!

I'm here to tell you from experience that there is hope! You can reach your potential as a performer on stage, and in life. You can learn to be fearless and consistently produce your best performance every time.

If you'd like to host a workshop of seminar, please read the following information and contact us with any further questions!

Workshop Eligibility 

We encourage participation from a variety of musicians, ages and abilities. Fearless Performance Workshops and Seminars are open to all instrumentalists and vocalists. Past attendees have included every type of brass, woodwind, and string instrument, percussionists, and classical and jazz vocalists.  All abilities are welcome and past seminars have hosted age ranges from 13 to 83.

Program Content and Schedule

  PDF of example 2-Day Workshop Schedule

Two Short Fearless Videos

Here are 2 short one-minute videos of what people are saying about Fearless Performance

What is Fearless Performance?

A Fearless Moment

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