Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Fearless Practice

We are excited to introduce you to Fearless Practice

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Welcome to a new collection of inspirational audio sessions brought to you by Jeff Nelsen and Saral Burdette.

Why we made these tracks:

Too often, musicians do what Jeff calls, “Piñata Practicing” where they swing away for an hour in the practice room and feel satisfied just because they've put in some practicing. Or worse, they don't feel satisfied, but continue to swing away, all the while hoping that more is more. Quantity over quality. Learn through repetition. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, our bodies don't discern between good and bad habits; we just learn habits.  Many of the habits we build through less-than-optimal repetition are WAY less-than-optimal! By embracing the destructive intent of just putting in another hour of practicing, we’ve missed massive amounts of potential learning and we’ve also probably enforced some bad habits too. We are taking one step forward and two steps backward. This is multi-tasking in its worst form!

You sound how you practice - The bad news is that regardless of how many times we're told to practice well, piñata practicing continues to happen because even through a mindless practice session, people can get better in some ways. The good news is there’s a much MUCH better way...

What these tracks can do for you:

Fearless Practice audio sessions guide you to a clear, well-intended state of mind right before you begin your practice. Simply download and listen, and you will learn how to navigate self-criticism, how to fuel your passion, what it takes to add deeper emotional content to what you play, and how to share music that is much more than notes on a page.  

Please give the free “Diligence” track a listen and hear for yourself what you can experience through your practice time when you have an inspired approach with clear purpose and a calm mind.  You’ll see exponential growth right away.  Get ready for both your music and you to go to places you have never been!

About each track:

Track 1) EXPRESSING EMOTION - Playing what you feel
Track 2) RITUAL - Building Good Habits - Setting your Intention
Track 3) SPONTANEITY & DANGER - Embracing what you don't know
Track 4) VULNERABILITY - Let go and share
Track 5) SELF-CRITICISM - The arrogance of feeling "Less Than"
Track 6) OPTIMISTIC REALISM - Lying to oneself
Track 7) DISCOVERY - A sense of play

Saral discusses each topic and how it applies to your practice. She tells stories, gives tools and insights, and inspires you to deepen your intention in the practice room and beyond.  After she finishes discussing the topic, she leads you through an optional 5-minute meditation.

There are more tracks coming! Eventually you will be able to design and experience your own "40 Days of Fearless Practice.”


Who is Saral?

Jeff met Saral in 2005, when she married him to Nina.  Since then, they have gotten together and talked about life, loss, love, and much more. One day Saral started talking about how and why she appreciated music.  Jeff was incredibly moved by what she, a non-musician, was saying. He asked her to sit down and record a few of her amazing thoughts into a microphone for his students.  

Two weeks later, Jeff received an email from Saral saying she was sorry but she hadn't been able to talk about music for 5 minutes.  Instead, she had talked for two days and had come up with a plan for a course called, "40 Days of Intentional Practice”.  These audio downloads are from Saral and Jeff's deep passionate discussions about how to inspire people into their own Fearless Practice.

Saral Burdette works with musicians, and people from all walks of life, supporting them to "Live Fully and Love Well." She has been a life celebrant for over 20 years, helping people celebrate their weddings, births, and journeys of all sorts. 

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