Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen


Fearless Performance Concert-Black Towel

This towel is concert black, so hides well in concert. This high quality Fearless Performance towel can keep your horn shiny, heart inspired, and your leg dry. (We all know it's not spit, but condensation is wet too.) And if you have Joy Keys, there is condensation coming out of more than just the bell. This towel covers it…literally. Habitually reading "Learn. Love Well. Let Go." off the towel has helped me make better choices in training and performance.

(Please send requests for other sayings for these towels. Thank you.)

Great absorbency for kitchen use! Printed inspirations help keep Fearless Performance reminders near you in places other than the practice room. Using this towel as a golf rag can bring Fearless Performance inspiration into your golf game as well! Give it a shot!


Concert-black Fearless Performance "Learn. Love Well. Let Go." towel


15 in. x 15 in.

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