Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

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July 29, 2013


Learn. Love well. Let go.

I've had Fearless Conversations with thousands of musicians around the world, and now I want to bring the conversation to YOU!

Performing Well When it Matters Most

You and I live in a performance-based society. How well we execute in the moment determines our ability to succeed. Fearless Conversations are about creating global dialogue focused on connecting you to great performances with peers, amateurs and professionals from all walks of life. Fearless Conversations are geared toward shortening your learning curve and training you to perform your best when it matters most. These short pieces of insight are written and/or spoken for our collective benefit. With them we can explore and explain how we all can perform our absolute best, not just on a stage or a basketball court, but in all areas of our lives.


Be afraid…be very afraid…if you're not reading this blog, you are less equipped than the next guy to really discover what you can actually do in performance. Ok, enough fear-mongering…but seriously, I understand. I've been there. I know what it takes for a musician to both prepare to execute well in performance, and to actually do so as well.

Looking at Who We Are

Through studying performance and learning how we can prepare and share in authentic ways, we get to look at who we are. We end up looking at that which we are preparing to perform, but excellent performance is a bonus. What actually ends up happening is that we use that which we are going to perform as a vehicle to examine our whole lives. We look at who we are.


When we engage in Fearless Conversations, we not only get better at performing at our best ability level, we also learn how to make our best better. Fearless Conversations are specifically aimed at discussing thoughts, tools, and techniques for examining aspects of our whole lives that can be more present and authentic. Often we will begin with something specific to a certain type of performance genre, (most often music-based) but we will always make it about how a fearless performance focus can bring us into living a fearless lifestyle. Doing so enables us to consistently give our best performance.

Share Your Performance

I've had the opportunity to share some of the concepts I've just written about in my Fearless Performance TEDx Talk. Soon I will speak to a Fortune 200 Company on how to perform fearlessly. I will share this experience in a future Fearless Conversation. I encourage you to share a compelling performance or your own.

Please, sign up to engage in Fearless Conversations and discuss how to build and share fearless performances, and ultimately what it means to live a fearless lifestyle.

And remember... Learn. Love well. Let go.

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