Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

Are You Fearless?

Well...are you?

Ok good to hear!  Me neither.

But wait a second, and let me give things a good think.

At this point, I make one of two general choices.

1. I just think about things as usual, and I increase them, or I spin faster in my mind and end up having no idea what I'm thinking or feeling because I'm just freaking out, shutting down, having a pity-party or losing/winning the blame-game...

2.  I give things an actual good think, and dive into my huge repertoire/arsenal of fear replacements.

When I am rested and present enough to choose well, I can get fearless and perform my best.

We want to get fearless somehow...and there are millions of ways to do that, many of which we've covered in these newsletters, and we'll cover many more in future ones!

We want to get fearless well, and then have that fearless state last as long as possible. Sometimes in concert, my fearless state can last for 5 seconds in a row before I find something else to fear on some level.  At that time, I repeat my fear-replacement process with a different fearless weapon or tool.  Over and over again...

It's not about being fearless forever.  Much like how I've heard smokers don't quit smoking for the rest of their lives, but rather they quit until the next urge.   We want to replace our fear for right now.  We'll get to the next fear moment whenever it comes.  Both my mother and father quit smoking...a few times each, heh.  We had boxes of gum and mints in every room in the house for them to use to replace their smoking urges.  Often we had a very confusing smoky-minty-pigfarm aroma in the house!

It's about replacing our destructive habit with another habit that is constructive...or at least at first, choosing something less destructive.

For fear replacements, my first step is to look at the moment I'm in right now.

Task for the Day - Answer yourself this:

                                 "Am I Fearless Right Now?"

Here's something I have on my studio door that I pondered today.  Ohhhh, it's good:

If you're fearing something, ask yourself if you're able to do something about whatever you're fearing. Have that question and answer be enough for right here, right now. There's no drama or emotion in your thoughts...only the questions and answers shown above in that graphic.

Whatever creation theory or god or science you believe in, the serenity prayer is something that guides me well many many times a day:


This is at the very least, a thought process to solve the type of fear we call "Worry". Worry is an extra wild and complicated choice because often, worry is fearing fear. Wild stuff, eh? Worry is a common type of fear, and usually stays around because we haven't simplified our choices. The above graphic guide and Serenity Prayer do just that!  You will find more often than not that this thought process can take you through situations that you may have previously succeeded at complicating into drama.

Good luck today, and this week.

Good luck and good thought!

Remember to help your friends through too... 

Stay fearless my friends, 


Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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