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What to do

There are two options - you can either choose to do something, or to not do something.  
I get much more of what I want when I do things.  Too often, people try to not do things.  "Don't rush! Don't miss!"  I've missed every note I've told myself not to miss.  But when I approach that same note with, "Make this note beautiful" I have a massively higher accuracy rate.
Same note on the page, better results because of a solution-based approach choice.
It's the same when I'm trying to lose weight and get healthy.  I can post on my fridge, "Don't eat wings.  Don't eat pizza." but even if I gloriously succeed at not doing those things, I still haven't done anything to get healthier.  If I post on my fridge door, "Eat salad.  Drink Water", now my solutions are right in front of me.  
DO THIS and get results.  Skip the avoidance step!
Including the problem (the what-not-to-do) in your wording of your intention is just adding an unneeded step!  Once you see something that can help, DO THAT!  When I look back on my path, it's covered with tons of "what-not-to-do" things...but I was always too busy stumbling toward "what to do".
Task for this week - Make it about "What TO do"
Whatever problems you might discover and creatively diagnose this week, focus on defining your solution as quickly and clearly as possible.  Then try to spend less time on being right about the problems, and more time choosing a great way to word your next-steps so when you do them, you will be closer to your solutions.  
Instead of writing, "Don't rush!" on your part, write, "Steady".  When I got comments that I was playing too loudly, instead of writing "10% less!" I would write, "play at 90%". The simpler the instruction, the better the execution.
Spend your time this week making solution-based choices, and acting in line with that thinking.  Obsess about what TO do.
When that works, do it again...

Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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