Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen


There is a Magic Line between backstage and onstage.  
Every time you approach and cross this line, you bring with you every choice you've made your whole life.  Thinking about the line in this way can either be a source of increased fear or an inspiration to clear up your choices for next time you cross it.  Either way, putting that Magic Line between backstage and onstage creates clarity for your choices.
Clarity is like gold.
When I'm at the magic line, I'm clear that I'm about to walk into my performance arena. I'm clear that now is the time for things that only constructively serve me in that moment. Different things serve different people, so all you need is clarity on what best supports your upcoming performance. 
Clarity is essential for growth and excellence. Clarity is the result of having the right amount of Knowledge and Intelligence.
Knowledge (Your Library) - What you know
Intelligence (Your Access) - How you know
These two factors (above) combine together to provide you with:
Smarts (Clarity) - Knowing the best one or two things for each moment
For me, Clarity is everything...it flows from listening, analyzing, experiencing, and everything else I balance in life that has me at a moment of action.
I heard a useful quote today:
"If you are thinking about anything other than what you are doing at the present moment, you will not be as fulfilled as you would be if you were concentrating on what you are doing."
This defines Clarity well.  Even if the past or future thought you're having is very positive, when you're out of the present moment, you will be less fulfilled than if you are a monster focuser on what you're doing.  Obviously this is what presence is all about, and I like linking presence and clarity together.  With clarity as our goal, we will either choose very well or quickly and clearly see that we can choose better...and ultimately see what that better choice is.
So with more clarity comes more fulfillment.  Sometimes it's a long-term fulfillment, but trust this...you'll see.
This Week's Goal - CLARITY
Focus on how you can find more clarity in your day.  Seek out how you can make decisions simpler for yourself.  Read a book you've been meaning to read, and fulfill some growth toward more understanding on something, so that some of your choices are simpler for you this week. When thinking about yourself, and how complicated your mental chatter can be, re-read this quote to help you find clarity and presence.
 "What a liberation to realize that the "voice in my head" is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that."

- Eckhart Tolle

Keep seeing clearly...

Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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