Fearless Performance by Jeff Nelsen

We All Succeed

I received a wonderful thank-you on Facebook after my last Fearless Performance Workshop.  They wrote, "It's nice to know you can do it..."


This is pretty much what it's all about.  Once you discover what you want, now it's just about whether or not you're willing to do the work.  When your work is well purposed, the actualwork part becomes way easier. 



When YOU care, you get there. 


Diligence, from the Latin root "to care deeply," is the first of four elements to the "Build" phase of Fearless Performance.  It's different than discipline.  Discipline, "to do because we should", is great.  It's definitely part of diligence.  But working because you care explodes both quality and quantity of what you're doing to new heights.  If you want to see a beautiful example of diligent work, watch the movie "Rudy".


When Rudy wasn't reaching his goal, he'd speak to his priest....over and over and OVER again.  It was both exhausting and inspirational to watch.  Rudy's priest would ask him if he was doing everything he possibly could toward his goal. The message was, if you think you've done everything you can toward your goal, just remember you haven't.


When I ask everyone in the workshop, "Who wants to be consistent?" all hands go into the air.  Then I give them the bad news/good news.  "You are already consistent. Congrats!"


That's some cool clarity, eh? Our ability to be consistent is not in question. We are alwayssucceeding.  The important change-inspiring question is, "What will you succeed at today?"  Many of us succeed at knowing why we can't get to the gym right now, can't order that healthy meal, or can't turn on the tuner, pick up a pencil and really do the tuning study we've been told to do countless times.  Many of us succeed at deciding we deserve a stop at McDonalds on the way home from a long day (Yup, that was me last night...), letting Netflicks roll over into one more episode of "House of Cards" even though it's already 1am (me many nights), or taking a 'quick peek' (yeah right!) at Facebook before doing some important writing (maybe why I've only sent a few newsletters in the past year).


Today, right now, "You are awesome at what you do!" Now just:

Everyone is always awesome at what they do.  The question isn't getting awesome....we're ALL awesome!!  We just have to find out what things will serve our goals and be awesome at those!


Learn. (Figure it out).


Then embrace those things...


Love Well. (Treat yourself, others, and what you've learned well).


....and let go of the rest.


Let Go!



Jeff Nelsen
Jeff Nelsen


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February 02, 2023

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